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In Big Sky Country is no small feat. The sheets of rain drift back along the horizon and in time the clouds melt away from us and as night falls buy youtube views the stars materialize from the nothingness they pote by day. Some burn brighter than others but they all glare out with a sense of intangible omnipotence, separated from us by countless years-turned-distance. I have traveled twenty-two years from the time of my birth. Or at least parts of me have. We stop for food and other provisions at a grocery store outside of Cut Bank, Montana and then we find a motel to rest in for the night. buy youtube views Once we are settled we sit out on the front balcony and look up to the stars. I kiss Katryn as we swim still through the night and then I go inside to take a shower and buy youtube views have a snack. When she comes inside I kiss her more and then I turn off the lights and we go to bed and I hear the cat purring beneath the sheets until I fall asleep. Three It is light outside when we wake up in Cut Bank, Montana. The motel we rested in was and is located at the top of one of Montana's many rolling hills, and after we leave the parking lot we drive down the main road. We stop at a gas station and I fill the tank. I buy beef y for breakfast. It is Teriyaki-flavored, if that means anything. It does not taste like Teriyaki to me, but I am no expert. Mischa enjoys youtube it more than I do. We continue out of Cut Bank. A large penguin looms to the side of the road. He is dressed in warm winter clothing and he holds a sign that reads Cut Bank, Montana--The Coldest Place in the USA. Katryn remarks that this is a dubious ertion, as Going Here vast swaths of land in Alaska are almost certainly much colder than Cut Bank, google Montana. Is. I agree with her. It is June and quite warm. But we take a photograph with the penguin anyway. Katryn would like to put together an al so that we can remember our trip for the rest of our lives. She thinks we will be married. I think I am twenty-two but I won't disabuse her of her fantasy. For now I am happy with her and Mischa. I will enjoy the trip and I will enjoy the photographs we take regardless of whether or not we are ever married. We leave the purported Coldest Place in the USA for Glacier. We are not far now. Mountains rise from the distant horizon. They are the first hint of a land that is different from that which Katryn and I call home. Just as with the rain of yesterday I am reminded of how great the world is, but if I close one eye and hold my fifth finger a foot from my face the mountains are smaller than its final knuckle. Their white caps become pins. My eager, bare foot presses down a pinch more eagerly on the cool, sweaty metal of the gas pedal. Katryn registers the shift in our speed and she looks over at me, Mischa meowing from her lap. I reach my mountain-sized knuckles over to scratch the top of the purr-bug's fur-covered head. She meows. I am happy with her and Katryn in the car with me. Cows and buffalo litter the lush pasture to either side of the freeway. Some munch contentedly on the lush pasture that has been provided for